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Master List

I'm doing a MASTER LIST so I can keep track of what I post and everything’s findable
world domination shall yet be mine!!!!

First off, if you’ve wandered here lost; sit down, feel welcome, grab a cuppa.

Fiction posted here is slash m/m, anything else is labelled.
The majority of these stories are fluffy, endings are always happy, the only warning I give is for smut.

There is a seperate Master List for stories set in the Lustful Liaisons verse, prompt lists - These are detailed below.

I love comments, really I do.  It's never too late to comment.  If you don’t like something tell me why.  If you’ve nothing to say post a smiley; it makes me feel loved...

Fics be HERECollapse )


I have made a Rat :D
It's for a man hubby works with they have a joke going about one of other guys being a rat, and have been draing rats and calling 'hello rat fans' (kids tv reference to a hand-puppet Roland Rat).  He's having a really bad time health wise so hoping this will give him a laugh.

Squishy Laptop Rat, pattern was for a bookmark but I made it bigger ;)
Photos have come out really dark,not sure it shows but he's jammed in a laptop.  Stuffed head, ribbon body.

Simon-Rat photo RAT_zpszptywfck.jpg Rat-face photo RATTY FACE_zpsntcrpzva.jpg Rat-body photo RATTY BODY_zpsp4vqj65q.jpg


Happy Valentines

Charis said 'Late, all the chocolates are gone'  and this happened:

Late to the Party

'Too late, all the chocs are gone'  John made a mue and shook the empty chocolate box, none fell out.Read more...Collapse )



Love ya.

P.S. busy time for you, don't overdo it Frogs.


Last week was busy.  Dept manager on hols, big changes, lots to do.  We did it though, between us.

Yesterday the two day staff were given a £5 voucher each to acknowledge their hard work.
Um.....?!  I did a lot of that work.
It's not that I care about the voucher, but feeling snubbed.


Harry Potter tour is including the Forbidden Forest!  I sooooo need to go and see it :D
12 huge trees to wander among the roots off, weather control, giant Aragog (spider) and spiderlings, full size Hippograph.
Said must go again but when an event (same price) on so worth the enterance cost.  THIS is definitely worth the visit.
And slimmer now so hopefully be able to take picture of us there without hating it.

I have Harry Potter t-shirt I can wear to be a proper geeky-geek ;)

Wonder if work people would actually go, they talk but never plan, but one does have home-issues love her.
Hubby's friend is desperate to go too...

FORCE-SHEILD engaged.  No more plunny bites getting through.  None.  LalalalalaLA

Ficlet - The bath

Hmm was going to be sillier and smutty but this is what happened when I sat to write..

Baldi Malachite Bathtub

It was hard not to be intimidated by the rooms.Read more...Collapse )




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