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Master List

I'm doing a MASTER LIST so I can keep track of what I post and everything’s findable
world domination shall yet be mine!!!!

First off, if you’ve wandered here lost; sit down, feel welcome, grab a cuppa.

Fiction posted here is slash m/m, anything else is labelled.
The majority of these stories are fluffy, endings are always happy, the only warning I give is for smut.

There is a seperate Master List for stories set in the Lustful Liaisons verse, prompt lists - These are detailed below.

I love comments, really I do.  It's never too late to comment.  If you don’t like something tell me why.  If you’ve nothing to say post a smiley; it makes me feel loved...

Fics be HERECollapse )

Jaffa Bites

Don't think I've poste this here but sorry if it's a repeat:

300g Fresh pitted Dates
20g Dessicated Coconut
1.5 tbsp extra for dusting
30g Walnuts
2 tbsp Raw Cacao powder *
1 tbsp Chia Seeds
1 tbsp Fine Grated Orange Zest

* Cacao is Cocoa powder in raw form, you can substitute with cocoa.

- Blitz all ingredients in food processor
- Transfer to baking sheet and press out to 3cm thick.
- Freeze for 30mins until firm

- Lay another sheet on top and roll out to 7mm then use a small cutter to stamp out shapes.
- Sprinkle dusting coconut over.

These are so YUM and healthy ;)  Used Almonds instead of Walnuts as they wre what I had and worked well, going to do a mix of both in the next batch.  Instead of cutting I rolled mine and divided up with a knife - easier.


Weekend Walks

Last weekend we did walks.  Going again today as soon as we finish our coffees.
We parked by the Ducky Pond and followed the trail into the local parklands, past pretty steams and lots of trees:
path photo 20161011_145259_zps5qiubyni.jpg stream photo 20161011_132540_zps1oqbn7ty.jpg
Strolled formal gardens:
formal walk photo 20161011_134606_zpstc1y8qkd.jpg
Through romantic arbour walks and parkland trees, before walking back around to the car and upward to the chapel ruin in the hills (140 steps up).  Great view from there - but on hubby's phone ;)
arbour photo 20161011_140127_zpscuyojobz.jpg chapel photo 20161011_134810_zps3pk50do5.jpg


May need to try these.  Easy and aparrently crispy

fried honey banana

  • 1 banana, sliced

  • 1 tablespoon honey

  • Cinnamon

  • Olive oil or coconut oil


  1. Lightly drizzle oil in a skillet over medium heat.

  2. Arrange banana slices in pan and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side.

  3. Meanwhile, whisk together honey and 1 tablespoon of water.

  4. Remove pan from heat and pour honey mixture over banana.

  5. Allow to cool and sprinkle with cinnamon.


Sword Quenching

Medieval swords were 'quenched' aka cooled by a number of interesting methods - included wine, honey, mead, urine, and just about any other organic liquid imaginable.
Some rumour blood - but the google found discussions of that suggest killing a slave would make a poor blade, and not cool the steel enough - it kind of amuses me that there are people seriously considering the practicality of such a thing!

Watching a tv program at random - apparently one smith's records report the use of 'urine of a male ginger virgin' which can't be discounted, if it was tried and worked it may have been a thing!
Again the internets produce fascinating discussions of the salt content of blood/urine, the temperatures such would reach...
Yes I've known Charis too long - I now google these things!

Prompt anyone?
There's a reason to keep a young ginger lad around the Smiths and no-one is going to touch him...
....I might scribble something myself, not that I've finished my last few ficlets *sigh* life.  colds. time...



So holidays - hubby also off and today was first day of joint offness.

I got up bathed, got back into bed.  Got up dressed, changed my mind, got back into bed.
I have the lurgies - shivery aching grotty snotty eyes running waaaaaaaaaa why?

Other girl in work just spent a week off suffering - as soon as i find my phone I'm going to hate-text her!

Should be alive tomorrow.  Less aches than yesterday, just no oomph at all.

Self-pity is a thing.

Doggy is majoy cwtchy cuddly and not wanting poper meals means I got points for choc cake!


I HAVE A WEEK OFF  *Celebrations*

And it looks like being a major busy week in work.
Promos - Grocery price changes - Fish week - Price crunch (500extra changes) - Curry week - 'Best' (relabelling of shops own product)
All which comes with time consuming things to stick out... delivery was split in two as so much!

AND I'M ON HOLS!!!!!!!

Not deliberate *grin* book my weeks in advance and rarely hit a promo but seems I hit major busy week this time.  But I need the break so don't even feel bad.  Hoping it will show how much I get done.  I have done all of next weeks checks that it's possible to do early for them.

AND weigh-day  --  I have now lost 3stone *happy* 19.05kg (? never work with kg) since end of May.
Feeling better about myself.

HOLS boop-de-boop

Going to make a fruit salad and run a bath, hubby came home went to bed and yet to see him.  Hoping he revives enough for us to have some dinner!  getting hungry now.
People our store makes into managers!

So quiet week.  I've volunteered on Health&Beauty sticking stock out as my friend who usually does it is on hols and they're short.
I ask 'want some help' get a shrug and a 'whatever' and once done a scowl. (this appears to be his normal expression - I maybe paranoid)
Not happy.

I am a mug despite determination not to help volunteered again last night - night is sooooo long with nothing to do I'd otherwise be clock watching.
Me ' do you want a hand for an hour or so?'
Him 'You can do xx or xx if you like'
Me 'if I like?'
Him - well there was almost a laugh!

Then the H&B manager came in around 5am to finish off.  Grumped because it wasn't done - she knew other girl on hols...
Walked into aisle looked me up and down - I wanted to slap her! - then started to work along side me.  Seriously I put x6 boxes out in the time she put x1 and it's her dept and not my job.
I skeddaddled right fast.

Night manager and other boy who'd come to help by then were laughing at me.
He claimed to be very disappointed in me, I said I'd found/would find, stuff needed doing and had a break to take.  I don't mind helping, don't require effusive thanks, an acknowledgement would be nice though, and no way in the world will I work with her.  I knew she was bad but...




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