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I'm doing a MASTER LIST so I can keep track of what I post and everything’s findable
world domination shall yet be mine!!!!

First off, if you’ve wandered here lost; sit down, feel welcome, grab a cuppa.

Fiction posted here is slash m/m, anything else is labelled.
The majority of these stories are fluffy, endings are always happy, the only warning I give is for smut.

There is a seperate Master List for stories set in the Lustful Liaisons verse, prompt lists - These are detailed below.

I love comments, really I do.  It's never too late to comment.  If you don’t like something tell me why.  If you’ve nothing to say post a smiley; it makes me feel loved...

Fics be HERECollapse )

Salmon with Fig Glaze

SOMEBODY has been busy posting foody-things so here's what I had for dinner yesterday.  Figs appear to be in season or at least on promo price everywhere and I likes them so..  No pics I was rushed and hungry.

- 1 Large onion (or 2 small ones, whatever)
- Teaspoon of Butter (or any spread, I used a blended spread)
- 2 Teaspoons of Light brown sugar (could probably use a little less result is rich)
- Figs (I threw in two packs so 8, but I was hungry!)
- Salmon fillets (defrosted if frozen)
- Rice/Noodles cooked
- Lemon
- Parsley

  • Place Salmon on grill (I used a george foreman grill but pop in oven would work as well)

  • Spoon of butter in pan, add diced onions and leave on a medium heat to caramalize, stir occasionaly.

  • Add Sugar to pan and stir

  • Add halved Figs to pan, keep one or two aside as garnish.  Give them a stir, you can squish them if you want to make more of a sauce.

I had mine with Rice flavoured with a generous squeeze of Lemon and some Parsley (fresh and dried) also mixed in some Brocolli florets - plop the Salmon on top then spoon over the Fig/Onion mix.

REALLY tasty, bit rich, went well with a slither of Goats Cheese. (I actually didn't have Salmon so used Tuna steak ;) )



Does anyone do twitter?

I haz just joined.  Fear I've handed my soul to the devil with a bow...oh wait no that'd be facebook!
They keep telling me people I don't care about have updated.  Only joined for book-releases and funny cat vids.
No idea how it works, no intention of posting anything, but um if you're there I can friend you, stalk you, whatever it is twitterpatted folk do, maybe?  *confused look*
Back in work :(

It actually went okay.  No stress, okay shift.  Will be busy tonight but I prefer a busy shift when it's managable.

But still.  Back in work :(

AND I took one week off and the barstewards discontinued the crisps I like *pout* going to have to order them via amazon now! Got my friend in work addicted to them too so she was pouting too!  ;)
Yushio *sigh* I shall obtain them!


As of today I have been married to my lovely hubby for 15years.  Go us!


funny - most disturbing kids book ever ;)  -  sex ed.  Newborns with teeth swimming free!  *shudder*


Hol day 2&3

So Brekkie - tell me do you reckon it counts as cereal with fruit?
 photo 20160817_094022_zpsqxq2gz5j.jpg There is cereal in there somewhere ;) but I was hungy and everything looked tasty.

Yesterday we went to nearby seaside town for more beach walking, but no paddling.  Mainly a nice stroll along the prom. with whippy ice-cream *happy*

Pics-SpamCollapse )
Today - I sat in garden crocheting with doggy, then dyed my skunky hair, then weather changed :(
Took doggy up mountain to res, it's getting overgrown, water was high, doggy found a new dirty-ball (ex-football) so was very happy to exercise hubby making him run for it *snicker*
Now main beach for coffee hmmmm cappucino *licks lips*

Yesterday - Picspam

We went to the beach fo the afternoon, had a lovely day so sharing some images.  Ignoring the -pobably heaving- main beach we went a wandering to a private one - Very few people - in fact saw only two young families, a couple with a dog, a young boy and one jogger!  Probs because of how it's reached:-
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Part Five

Because Charis plunnied...
Was going to make more of it but decided to keep it short.  One more bit to come... soonish.

Giles would never have guessed....Collapse )


Part Four ...I think.  Just a nsippet, more later ;)

It was good having Rufus around.  The cat made his presense known, a dent on the plumpest cushion, a long run in the curtain and whiskers twitching innocently from behind the heavy drape.  Giles woke to the steady regards of deep blue eyes or more often to a weight on his chest and demands for food and attention.  Lots of attention.  The minute Rufus shook off his feas he became a complete attention hog, sprawling over cushions, over Giles and purring that deep seductive approval for a scritching hand.

Giles's mother had been restrained in her teasing.  She only called him a mad cat woman once.  Clucked at the 'suspicious little thing' that soon lost the box and curled up next to her when she started her 'You see pussy, our Giles here..' stories.  Giles went well into the evening debating which of them he hated the most, his laughing mother or traitorous cat.  Rufus siddled close and head butted him but never quite managed to look pitiful despite his best efforts.
'Pussy, huh, you be careful or I'll rename you! Pussy-wussy'
Rufus gave a hard tap with a paw, claws peeking out in warning, before disappearing with a wave of amber tail.

They were mostly left to themselves Giles not having many visitors to his flat, so Rufus deciding it was he that made the rules, met with very little disruption.  Until Wes.

Wes visiting went badly.
It went very badly.



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