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Master List

I'm doing a MASTER LIST so I can keep track of what I post and everything’s findable
world domination shall yet be mine!!!!

First off, if you’ve wandered here lost; sit down, feel welcome, grab a cuppa.

Fiction posted here is slash m/m, anything else is labelled.
The majority of these stories are fluffy, endings are always happy, the only warning I give is for smut.

There is a seperate Master List for stories set in the Lustful Liaisons verse, prompt lists - These are detailed below.

I love comments, really I do.  It's never too late to comment.  If you don’t like something tell me why.  If you’ve nothing to say post a smiley; it makes me feel loved...

Fics be HERECollapse )


Only a snippet to show I've not forgotten them.

Aaron held his arms around and spun until he was dizzy, the adrenaline from flying; actually flying on the back of a dragon, high in the air, wind rushing around them, it was mind-blowing.  But for a boy from the hills used to seeing well tilled farmland stretching to the furthest horizon, this sandy shore was something new.  Around the castle the sea met sheer fobidding cliffs crashing into white frothy spray.  Laughing Aaron flopped to the sand, it was fine, soft and got everywhere.  Reaching he found a perfect shell, spirals of pearlescent shimmer fluting to show an inside of palest rose.  He and thought he'd keep it, his mother would love the novelty.

'Hold it to your ear'
Char had changed to human while Aaron was distracted, he lay sprawlled letting the waves wash up and hit him.  It was a little distracting.
'The shell' Char prompted 'listen'

Holding the fluted trumpet of the shell to his ear Aaron listened hard and heard the echo of the sea roaring, closing his eyes he imagined merfolk calls, he'd only seen the lively irradescent creatures in the distance.  Lowering it he smiled at Char, wide and easy, feeling free in the moment.  After a moments study Char smiled back, it softened his gruff features, making him handsome.

'Can I take this?' Aaron asked, not sure of protocol 'my mother would treasure it'
'Treasure' Char nodded 'Treasure is everything' he gave Aaron a long considering look then another sharp nod 'Come' he got to his feet and stepped towards the rocks surrounding the bay.

Under the Sea

So CHARIS, crochet an aquarium she posted, with pics she posted.  Then there was pinterest, then ther e was a cute Octopus, then, then, then, waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Octopus  -  Starfish  -  Seahorse  -  Mermaid (hair not quite complete)

AND because why do anything simple, the tail comes off and the hair can be changed:


Clothing options will undoubtedly follow *headdesk*
*brandishes crochet-hook at Charis*


Doorways ;)

Carefully edited to remove random yogi - click for larger image :-
(I'm impressed with my editing! don't think it's at all obvious)


I may be trying for more fic...


Glasses holder

Sat in the garden with a doggy foot rest listening to my audio book and crocheting. Meet my new glasses holder. Showing his fluffy hair then in better light doing his duty of glasses guarding :)

mup mup2



I did a thing today! was incredibly nervous, but it didn't hurt - nothing like I was expecting.  Kind of amazed at my own daring.  Anyhow I likes them, and they'e for me so that's what matters.
tattoo - picCollapse )

part five

Not forgotten fic.  But hols ;)

Aaron - CharCollapse )

more pics

20170708_143219 CH1 Ch2 Ch3

Walkway from Vicar's close to main Cathederal.  More of the Cathederal ceilings and one of the monuments.


door1 door2
door3 door4
Because yeah, I like quirky doorways.  Notice the very modern key-pad lock on the third pic?
And Charis you probs know the name for this detailing but to me it screams bones of an ancient beast!




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