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I'm doing a MASTER LIST so I can keep track of what I post and everything’s findable
world domination shall yet be mine!!!!

First off, if you’ve wandered here lost; sit down, feel welcome, grab a cuppa.

Fiction posted here is slash m/m, anything else is labelled.
The majority of these stories are fluffy, endings are always happy, the only warning I give is for smut.

There is a seperate Master List for stories set in the Lustful Liaisons verse, prompt lists - These are detailed below.

I love comments, really I do.  It's never too late to comment.  If you don’t like something tell me why.  If you’ve nothing to say post a smiley; it makes me feel loved...

Fics be HERECollapse )
Had a hell fo a w/e.

Doggy was taken ill Fri night.  Playing fine all day then suddenly sick and poohed in the house I let her out and cleaned up, when I followed her out she was sitting shaking.  Shaking like anything and wobbling, listing to the right she could barely walk.  Also found foil in the garden so major panic as don't know if she snaffled it from our recycling bin or...
Huby was home within 1/2 hour by which time I was panicking.  She ran to greet him then wobbled.
Phoned the vet and got there in record time, but of a blurr to be honest.

Vets kept her overnight and I spent the time praying the phone wouldn't go while desperate to know how she was.
Don't think it ws toxins.  Tried steroids alternative being a trip to the specialists which would cost thousands, and mean no treatment until then.
Luckily she seems herself today.

Home being cuddled.  Stinky farts.  Tired, sleeping a lot but more herself.  Pinned me to the sofa and licked every bit of my face she could.
HELP my human is mean, she bath me!  I smelled good before, now smell ick of Tea Tree which is nothing like Trees or Tea.

 photo CookieFace_zpsuhdbow4m.jpg



Been reading a review site on facebook for a local restuarant.

Transgender person (friend of someone hubby works with) was upset by a waiter's comment.  A mistake, ignorance not malice, but upsetting.
She left a polite but negative review.
Management then started offensive comments, demanding to know the details publically, no apology all transferring the blame.  One response being:
'fuck off you attention seeking prick'

Regardless of the issues, shocking behaviour.

Notice a work friend has left a bad review too about no cutlery, food unavailable, staff rude.
They accused her of shouting at them and causing the waitress to cry - TOTALLY not who she is.  Hard to picture her complaining let alone shouting.

So um, never been there, wont ever be going.

Have a wonderful day.

semi-rant warning-unloading

Dept manager off sick,

Know the work with my eyes shut but woah lots to do this week without extra stuff dumped on us.

Last night mountain of work, didn't stop to sneeze, someone actually told me to stop walking so fast as I was making her tired! I just overtook her and ran on.  Preformerd miracles but still felt bad leaving heavily pregnant K on days with the rest of it.
Tonight.  I get help.

This is my unimpressed face

No idea what the workload tonight is, email said 'changes happening' not how many or what time they're getting sent.  Typical.  Be nice not to have a panic shift but come on I told them how much work there was last night, they really don't have a clue.  Or care.
Duty manager who happens to be our line manager literally ran from the room when I asked him what he wanted me to prioritise.  Wasn't even whining just saying hell of a lot of work, I'll do what I can but would you prefer A or B complete?
Said cover arranged for other shifts - I pointed out work deadline for that work was 7am but the 'help' was starting at 9am and working the wrong days, he grinned and shrugged.

As much use as a chocolate kettle - and I never get that saying because CHOCOLATE you can't boil water in it but you can EAT IT.  And that makes you feel better, that is far more use than this man.  He's a lovely guy, but as a supposed manager.......

Just got message - our manager back tomorrow so yay, but will still need to get everything poss. done because she's not at all well and doesn't need stress.

Don't give a shit about the place anymore, but can't leave mess for the day girls, like my team now and K being pregnant and M really ill (diabetis) need to know I've done all I can for their sake - must be nice not to care about people! plenty of them types around.


Are Creme Eggs a thing where you live?
Actually not sure how universal scotch eggs are either?

Here Cadbury's Creme Eggs are a big part of Easter.
I just had half a Creme Scotch Egg for dinner.

Scotch egg = egg wrapped in sausage meat then breadcrumbed.

THIS WONDERFUL DEADLY invention is a Creme Egg wrapped in chocolate brownie rolled in chocolate springles. It's so, so chocolatey.
On a total sugar high now.  So totally worth creative diet pointing!  arrrgh both love and hate the girl hubby works wth that mad these balls of deliciousness.
Think if I was to dabble I'd make them with the mini eggs but then I'd have a bowl of them and nom-nom LOL

I'm quite capable of eating a whole one, wont pretend otherwise, but half was enough in terms of chocolate input.

So,so good.


I have made a Rat :D
It's for a man hubby works with they have a joke going about one of other guys being a rat, and have been draing rats and calling 'hello rat fans' (kids tv reference to a hand-puppet Roland Rat).  He's having a really bad time health wise so hoping this will give him a laugh.

Squishy Laptop Rat, pattern was for a bookmark but I made it bigger ;)
Photos have come out really dark,not sure it shows but he's jammed in a laptop.  Stuffed head, ribbon body.

Simon-Rat photo RAT_zpszptywfck.jpg Rat-face photo RATTY FACE_zpsntcrpzva.jpg Rat-body photo RATTY BODY_zpsp4vqj65q.jpg


Happy Valentines

Charis said 'Late, all the chocolates are gone'  and this happened:

Late to the Party

'Too late, all the chocs are gone'  John made a mue and shook the empty chocolate box, none fell out.Read more...Collapse )



Love ya.

P.S. busy time for you, don't overdo it Frogs.



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