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FB3X - Drabble Cascade #4 - Chain

Bit cheeky contributing when I've only glanced through last weeks cascade; time - RL makes the most uncooperative demands on it!

Drabble Cascade at FB3X - Every Tuesday

Title  -  Undaunted
Rating  -  PG
Genre  -  Fantasy

Words  -  100

Such broad shoulders, muscles hewn from the rock-face.  They turned the binding chain to tarnished decoration; an impression aided by his stance.  Never for him a meek cower.  Even held captive, he dominated.

He stood tall.  Proud.  His long, thick cock jutting out, an undaunted flagpole.  One corner of his mouth arched upwards in confident challenge.

They neither noted the shuffle of the others leaving.

Pouring oil so it caught the light the prince admired it's gleam on his fingers, then catching the chain to pull his prisoner closer he met a hot look filled with promise.

'We meet again'
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Tags: drabble, prompts

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